Trust Deed Format India Sample 2014

Published date: November 5, 2018
A trust may be created by any language sufficient to show the intention and no technical words are necessary.

sample deed ngo trust 2014

A trust-deed, generally, incorporates the following:

i. the name (s) of the author(s)/settler(s) of the trust;

ii. the name (s) of the trustee(s);

iii. the name(s) if any, of the beneficiary/ies or whether it shall be the public at large;

iv. the name by which the trust shall be known;

v. the place where its principal and/ or other offices shall situate;

vi. the property that shall devolve upon the trustee(s) under the trust for the benefit of the beneficiary/ies;

Note: In terms of section 21 of the Indian Registration Act, 1908 a deed of trust relating to immovable property must, for the purposes of registration, contain a description of the property sufficient to identify it.

vii. an intention to divest the trust property upon the trustee(s);

Note: It may be stressed here again that the very foundation of a charitable or religious trust is intention. The intention should be expressed in unequivocal language and with a reasonable degree of certainty. Though no particular or technical words are necessary, yet the words used must be capable of definite meaning.

viii. the objects of the trust;

ix. the procedure for appointment, removal or replacement of a trustee,
their rights, duties and powers, etc.

xi. the mode and method of determination of the trust.

The government and ngo associations have released several samples and specimen copies of trust deeds which can be used for incorporating the Non Governmental Organization.

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